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Sometimes It Rains

Everyone who knows me knows I am passionate about family, country, politics, and baseball.  The latter is in my thoughts today.  In the modern era of Major League Baseball, only 20 pitchers have thrown perfect games – 27 batters up, 27 batters down.  Last night, Armando Galarraga should have become the 21st, but his perfect game will not make it into the history books.

In the ninth inning of the Detroit Tigers home game against the Cleveland Indians, the 27th batter hit a pitch which was fielded by the Tigers’ first baseman.  In a classic and often practiced drill, pitcher Galarraga covered first base and received the throw, clearly a step ahead of the runner.  As Galarraga prepared to celebrate his historic feat, first-base umpire Jim Joyce called the runner safe.  As the replays showed time and again, the ump got it wrong.  Without question, he got it wrong.

Fans of professional sports would not be surprised if Galarraga had lost his temper, yelling and screaming at the umpire.  He didn’t though.  Instead, he gave a “You’ve got to be kidding me” smile, and then retired the next batter to end the game.  In my opinion, Galarraga showed real class, which is often missing in professional sports and other aspects of our life.

Two more examples of class were to follow.  After the game, umpire Joyce reviewed the call, realized he had blown it, and asked to speak to Galarraga.  During the conversation, Joyce apologized, Galarraga accepted the apology, and the two professionals hugged.

Some commentators today have suggested MLB Commissioner Bud Selig should overturn Joyce’s call and award Galarraga his rightfully earned perfect game.  I hope Selig does not do it. 

In a nation beset by division, Pitcher Armando Galarraga and Umpire Jim Joyce gave America a teachable moment about humility, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Their example and lesson may very well make a greater impact on our national discourse than just another number in a record book.

 In baseball, after all, “Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you lose.  Sometimes it rains.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, first called Decoration Day, has long been used to pay tribute to those Americans who died serving our country in the military.  It has evolved into honoring all of those veterans who are no longer with us, even those who have died of old age.  I hope it continues to evolve into something even more meaningful.

I hope someday that we will use Memorial Day to not only pay tribute to those Americans who died serving our country in the military, but also to come together once a year as a country to rededicate ourselves as a nation opposed to wars.  I believe the best way we can honor those who have fallen on the field of battle is to work our very hardest to ensure that no others have the same fate.

My campaign supporters know I am a retired Navy Master Chief, and they know I spent my career on the frontlines in the war against terrorism. From Beirut in 1983, to the Red Sea in 1993, to my over 30 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan before my retirement in 2008, I have lived my adult life serving the Navy’s core values of “Honor, Courage, Commitment.”

Over the course of this Memorial Day, nearly all politicians and candidates will fall over themselves claiming how much they respect the fallen, honor our veterans, and support our troops.  Few of them will follow up with any discussion of how they will actually protect the veterans and troops from an underfunded Veterans Administration, multiple back-to-back deployments, never-ending and unsustainable warfare, and lives of uncertainty based on campaign cycles.  This must stop.

To me, “Honor, Courage, Commitment” means I must have enough honor to speak the truth to power; to have the courage to question the leaders of my party; and the commitment to stand strong enough to do my part to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As I did throughout my career in the Navy, you can count on me to stay true to these three core values.

This Memorial Day, as I do every Memorial Day, I will attend a service to honor the fallen.  This Memorial Day, as I have for the past three Memorial Days, I will carry forward a political campaign to truly honor those who have served America in uniform … as well as those who are serving and who will serve.  My brothers and sisters in arms deserve my utmost “Honor, Courage, and Commitment, and they will receive it.

Your brother,


52 Congressional Candidates Oppose War Spending

May 25, 2010

For Immediate Release

Fifty-two congressional candidates and 18 activist organizations are opposing any more funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and inviting more candidates, incumbents, and organizations to join them.  The 52 candidates, from 21 different states, include 19 Democrats, 16 Libertarians, 15 Greens, 2 Independents, and 0 Republicans (and more may be added to the website by the time you read this).  Forty-six are candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, and six for the Senate.

They do not all agree with each other on many topics, including their reasons for opposing war spending.  But they all back this short statement:

“The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost Americans over $1 trillion in direct costs, and over $3 trillion altogether.  At a time when our national debt exceeds $13 trillion, we can no longer afford these wars.  It’s time for Congress to reject any funding except to bring all our troops safely home.”

The Coalition Against War Spending ( ) has posted online a variety of divergent statements — in text and video — from signers elaborating on their reasons for opposing war spending.  A wide ideological spectrum finds consensus around opposing more spending to continue or escalate the current wars.  The coalition is inviting any congressional candidate, incumbent or challenger, and any national organization to join.

This announcement comes just as Congress is set to vote on whether to spend another $33.5 billion in an off-the-books “emergency” supplemental spending bill to escalate a war in Afghanistan that polls show a majority of Americans opposes.

Initial members of the Coalition Against War Spending (being added to at ) are:

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives:
Nick Coons, AZ-05, Tempe/Scottsdale, Libertarian
Rebecca Schneider, AZ-06, Phoenix, Democrat
Carol Wolman, CA-01, northwest corner, Green
Clint Curtis, CA-04, northeast corner, Democrat
Ben Emery, CA-04, Nevada City, Green
Mark Williams, CA-12, San Carlos, Libertarian
Mary V. Larkin, CA-17, Monterey, Libertarian
Les Marsden, CA-19, Yosemite/Mariposa, Democrat
Randall Weissbuch, CA-26, Arcadia, Libertarian
Marcy Winograd, CA-36, Los Angeles, Democrat
William Hedrick, CA-44, Riverside/San Clemente, Democrat
Ken Arnold, CA-46, Orange and L.A., Democrat
Mike Paster, CA-49, Fallbrook, Libertarian
Tracy Emblem, CA-50, San Diego, Democrat
Michael Benoit, CA-52, San Diego, Libertarian
Gary Swing, CO-01, Denver, Green
G. Scott Deshefy, CT-02, New London, Green
Doug Tudor, FL-12, Riverview et al, Democrat
Marleine Bastien, FL-17, North Miami, Democrat
Regina Thomas, GA-12, Savannah, Democrat
Matt Reichel, IL-05, Chicago, Green
Bill Scheurer, IL-08, Lindenhurst, Green / Independent
Rodger Jennings, IL-12, Alton, Green
Doug Marks, IL-14, Carpentersville, Libertarian
Sheldon Schafer, IL-18, Peoria, Green
John Wayne Cunningham, IN-08, Terre Haute, Libertarian
James E. “Jim” Holbert, KY-05, London, Democrat
Peter White, MA-10, Cape Cod, Independent
Michael Cavlan, MN-05, Minneapolis, Independent Progressive
Kevin Craig, MO-07, Springfield, Libertarian
Thomas Hill, NC-08, Fayetteville, Libertarian
Lon Cecil, NC-12, High Point, Libertarian
Jonathan Tasini, NY-15, New York City, Democrat
Emin Eddie Egriu, NY-28, Buffalo, Democrat
Ebert G. Beeman, PA-03, Lake Erie, Libertarian
Vernon Etzel, PA-05, Oil City, Libertarian
Ed Bortz, PA-14, Pittsburgh, Green
David Segal, RI-01, Democrat
Eric Schechter, TN-05, Nashville, Democrat
Martin Nitschke, TX-23, El Paso to San Antonio, Libertarian
John Jay Myers, TX-32, Dallas, Libertarian
Claudia Wright, UT-02, Salt Lake City, Democrat
Ron Fisher, VA-08, Arlington, Independent Green/Progressive
Larry Kalb, WA-02, northwest corner, Democrat
Diana McGinness, WA-02, Bellingham, Democrat
Roy Olson, WA-09, Olympia, Green

Candidates for U.S. Senate:
Duane Roberts, CA, Green
John Finger, CO, Libertarian
Bob Kinsey, CO, Green
Cecile Lawrence, NY, Green
Mel Packer, PA, Green
Ben Masel, WI, Democrat (2012)

Backbone Campaign
CODE PINK: Women for Peace
Consumers for Peace
The Democratic Activist
Global Exchange
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Jobs for Afghans
Justice Through Music
Liberty Tree
Peace Majority Report
Progressive Democrats of America
Progressive Push
Velvet Revolution
Veterans For Peace
Voters For Peace
War Criminals Watch

For more information about Doug Tudor, Democrat, for Florida’s 12th District, contact Chief of Staff, Rosalind Moffett, (813) 385-8605 or visit


The Momentum is Growing!


I received an email yesterday with a very exciting, yet simple, message.

“I am pleased to inform you that the Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy

Board of Directors has unanimously voted to endorse your candidacy

for the Twelfth Congressional District of Florida.”

I accept this endorsement with great pride and humility.  Ever since we started our people-powered campaign over two years ago, I have always put national security and veterans’ issues front and center.  My career in the Navy, and certainly my time as a Master Chief, cemented my total commitment to the men and women in uniform and to those who have worn the uniform in the past.

Our campaign is gaining momentum at a phenomenal rate.  Please pledge today – right now – to contribute to our campaign with your time, talent, and treasure.  We need each of the three “T’s.”  Please go to to pledge your support and to let us know how you can help.

While I am extremely pleased to receive the endorsement of the Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy, it won’t mean a thing if we don’t elect a candidate who will always vote in the best interests of the troops and the veterans.  I am that candidate, and you can count on me!

Please contribute today. Good things are happening, and we are well on the way to a win in November.  We must continue to Press The Fight!

Your brother, Doug

Another Day, Another Contest


Last week, our friend, Howie Klein hosted a contest at BlueAmerica.   As a result, TeamTudor’s long-time supporter, Delma Wilson of Winter Haven, won a limited edition Neal Young print.  Our congratulations and appreciation go out to Delma and all of you that participated.

Howie is again offering a very rare musical item to help our grassroots campaign.  Anyone  who contributes at least $25.00 to our campaign in the next 24 hours, will have a chance to win a very rare autographed three-disc greatest hits collection – “Ultimate Isaac Hayes – Can You Dig It?” As you may know, Isaac died in August 2008.  So, how rare and valuable is this offer?  Well, in Howie’s own words, “No one is ever going to get another autograph from Isaac Hayes, unless they meet him in Heaven.”

Okay, game on!  You can earn a chance to win this great prize while helping to support a true grassroots campaign.  For those of you who heard our exciting news last week, we have a three-way general election in November with two Conservatives splitting the right-wing votes.  This nearly assures our victory in November, once we beat our Blue Dog, Conservative opponent in the primary.

I need your support, and I need it now.  Please contribute $25.00 or more in the next 24 hours to get a chance to win this incredible offer.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing support.  Keep pressing the fight!

Doug Tudor to Join Operation Free in Tampa

Tampa, FL  May 5, 2010 — Doug Tudor, Democratic candidate for Florida’s 12th Congressional District and Retired Navy Master Chief, will take part in the Florida Military Roundtable during Operation Free’s tour stop in Tampa.  This Friday, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at American Legion Post 248, Mr. Tudor will join with national leaders from Operation Free, as well as state leaders, concerned veterans and other Democratic candidates.  This event is open to the public.

Doug Tudor retired from the Navy in the spring of 2008 and successfully grew his name recognition to garner 42% of the vote in November, 2008, against the third-ranking Republican in the House.  Grassroots support continues to build momentum for Mr. Tudor’s 2010 bid for District 12’s open seat.

Operation Free is an organization of military veterans who bring their unique perspective to the discussion surrounding national security and energy policy.  Their mission is clear, “Secure America with Clean Energy.”  Operation Free works to underscore the connection between our dependence on carbon-based fuels and terrorists’ funding, as well as the ways in which we can move towards producing clean energy as a country.

Doug is proud to be a State Leader for Operation Free in Florida.  In discussing their mission, Doug said, “The American people have to understand that dependence on fossil fuels puts out servicemen and women in harm’s way on a daily basis.  We have to use innovation, combining the talents of the public and private sectors, to move our country forward with clean energy.”

For additional information on Operation Free’s stop in Tampa, contact Eric Erens, [email protected]  For addition information on Operation Free, contact James Whitaker (202) 216-9723 or on the web at


Rosalind Moffett, Chief of Staff
Doug Tudor, Democrat, for Congress Campaign




TeamTudor has never had a clearer path to victory in November. Yesterday was the deadline for qualifying to run for federal offices. I and four Conservatives qualified to run for the open seat in Florida’s 12th Congressional district. In a surprise move, though, Polk County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson filed to run as the candidate of the TEA Party.

This means there will be a three-way race in November. Randy is a proven vote getter in Polk County and every vote he receives in November will come directly at insurance lawyer Dennis Ross’ expense. This splitting of votes on the Conservative side, coupled with our superior grassroots field organization, gives us the best chance to date of sending a Progressive to Washington.

There will be many ways you will have the opportunity to contribute your time, talent, and treasure in the coming months. We will be canvassing, phone banking, and dialing for dollars, and we will need your enthusiastic support at every turn.

For today, though, there is a fun way to contribute. Former recording executive, Howie Klein, is offering a rare, numbered, VERY limited edition, full-color Neil Young print that has never been offered for sale. To qualify for the drawing, please contribute $25.00 or more at my BlueAmerica page on ActBlue. You’ll have to scroll almost all the way to the bottom to find my listing.

This contest is only open for 24 hours, so please contribute today!

Thank you for all you have done, all you are doing, and all you will do. Keep pressing the fight!

Your brother, Doug

Game Change – Name Change

Lakeland – In a surprise announcement, Republican congressional candidate Dennis Ross declared his intention today to legally change his name to Jeb Putnam.  Not to be outdone, sometimes-Democrat Lori Edwards followed suit by announcing she will legally change her name to Denise Rosserman-Schultz.  Self-proclaimed Democratic front-runner Doug Tudor could not be reached for comment, as he was hosting a key fundraising event for his campaign.  Sources claim Tudor brought in $34.72 and three HART tokens at the event.

Happy April Fool’s Day, Friends!

Now It’s Law

Summer Ellen "Elle" Tudor


America took an awesome step forward today with President Obama’s signature on the Affordable Health Care for America Act. There are many immediate and near immediate benefits of this legislation, which include:

– Prohibit pre-existing condition exclusions for children in all new plans;
– Provide immediate access to insurance for uninsured Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing condition through a temporary high-risk pool;
– Prohibit dropping people from coverage when they get sick in all individual plans;
– Lower seniors prescription drug prices by beginning to close the donut hole;
– Offer tax credits to small businesses to purchase coverage;
– Eliminate lifetime limits and restrictive annual limits on benefits in all plans;
– Require plans to cover an enrollee’s dependent children until age 26;
– Require new plans to cover preventive services and immunizations without cost-sharing;
– Ensure consumers have access to an effective internal and external appeals process to appeal new insurance plan decisions;
– Require premium rebates to enrollees from insurers with high administrative expenditures and require public disclosure of the percent of premiums applied to overhead costs.

The first of these benefits is of particular and personal importance to me. You see, my daughter, Elle, was born with hypoplastic right heart syndrome. She had her first open-heart surgery when she was two days old. She has had two subsequent open-heart surgeries, a brain surgery, and tests and procedures too numerous to recount. Her pre-existing condition was first identified when she was just five months in the womb.

Today, due to the courage of the Democratic majorities in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate and the leadership of President Obama, my daughter will no longer be a second-class citizen due to her pre-existing condition.

I thank the Democratic members of the Democratic Party who voted on behalf of my daughter and so many of our fellow citizens. Nothing would have made me prouder than to have been there with them on Sunday night. You can help me in my fight to return representative democracy to Florida’s 12th Congressional District by contributing here.

By the way, you would never know that Elle has any health issues. She is an intelligent, engaging, active, and beautiful nine-year-old. Oh, and sometimes she is bratty – just like every other nine-year-old.

Your Brother, Doug

Won’t Cost You a Dime


Last week, I told you about Representative Jerry Nadler’s leadership PAC challenge. For some reason, Congressman Nadler decided to postpone the challenge.

Accordingly, I wanted to challenge you in a different way – one that won’t cost you a dime.

TeamTudor is putting together our campaign CD for this year’s race. Please submit your suggestion for songs that should be included on the CD. If you are the first one to suggest a song that makes it onto the CD, you’ll get a free copy of the TUDOR! 2010 CD.

We’ll make our track selections know on Sunday, March 21st. Let the suggestions begin!

Your brother, Doug