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Doug’s basic philosophy is that America is great because of the many common factors that bind we Americans together. In a nutshell, we truly are all in this together and we must take care of each other. Our federal government must proactively take measures that increase those bonds and play a positive role in people’s everyday lives.

National Security

No single issue should be of more concern to our national legislators than the security of our country. Doug will vote for measures that refocus our troops on destroying terrorist networks and havens. He believes we need to act immediately to redeploy our troops from Iraq in a measured and successful manner. He will also champion our diplomatic corps’ ability to interact with foreign governments to ensure that warfare is always America’s last choice.

Military Readiness: Doug will tirelessly advocate on behalf of America’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen to ensure that they always have a clearly defined mission, and the necessary equipment and materials, family support, and medical care to achieve that mission – before, during, and after deployment.

Border Security: Global terrorism forces us to take immediate and decisive action to secure our borders with Mexico and Canada. We also must take a measured approach to our refining our immigration policy. Doug will vote for legislation which recognizes the enormous benefit of orderly legal immigration and which treats all immigrants in a humane and dignified manner

Social Investment and Promoting the Public Interest

National Infrastructure: We cannot continue to ignore the security and safety issues posed by our aging infrastructure. America’s roads, bridges, and dams play an increasingly important role in our ability to protect ourselves, to move our products, and to enhance our quality of life. Doug will vote to provide the funding needed to ensure that our previous investments are not squandered by lack of maintenance. Additionally, he understands the collateral benefit of job creation as we build, maintain, and repair these vital areas.

Budget: Doug understands the need for our country to reduce its national debt and reliance on foreign financing. He will vote for legislation that assures America moves forward with its collective goals in a fiscally responsible manner, always with an eye toward a balanced budget.

Taxes: Paying taxes is a civic responsibility and the joint investment we Americans make in the common good of our nation. In other words, they are the patriotic payment we make to our country’s future success. They must be fairly collected so that no portion of our society is unfairly paying for others. Doug believes the tax burden must be shifted from the backs of the working and middle class. He will vote to repeal the Bush tax cuts that benefited only the wealthiest 1% of Americans. He will also vote to reinstate the estate tax ensuring that we continue to have a vibrant and enviable democracy, where America remains a meritocracy, not an aristocracy.

Social Justice

Access to Health Care: Doug believes it is a basic human right that all Americans have access to high-quality, affordable health care. He will vote for measures that will support this goal, accepting incremental advancements if necessary.

Living Wages: The ever-increasing income gap between America’s workers and its gentry threatens the societal security and mutual investment we have in each other. Doug will vote for legislation that supports living wages, collective bargaining, and workplace safety. He will oppose measures that reward corporate Benedict Arnolds who move jobs overseas.

Constitutional Rights: Doug is an avid supporter of the rights enshrined in our Constitution. He will always vote for legislation that supports, strengthens, and expands these rights, ensuring all Americans are treated equally under the law.

The Environment

Doug believes that much of America’s current and future greatness relies on our ability to embrace conservation. As more and more of our manufacturing base has been depleted by corporations shipping jobs overseas, growing green collar jobs will become more and more important to preserve the Earth, to revive our changing economy, to strengthen our national security by reducing our reliance on foreign energy sources, and to leave future generations a better and cleaner environment.