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Ignorance Doesn’t Matter?

In response to this editorial recommendation,, I submitted the following rebuttal letter.

I commend The News Chief for its honesty in its recent Democratic primary recommendation.  Basically, the headline could have read, “She’s Ignorant, But She’s Our Ignorant.”

When speaking of me, the recommendation stated: “He also is confident, forceful, opinionated and knowledgeable about the key issues of the day.”

When speaking of my opponent, the article stated:  “She wasn’t as well prepared as Tutor (sic) or particularly up to date on several of the issues, particularly immigration and national security.”

All in all, the article concludes the voters should cast their ballot on a candidate’s residency in Polk County, even though the district itself covers 2,000 square miles and parts of three counties.

I will keep this residency recommendation in mind as I attend Saturday’s services for District 12 resident, PFC Paul Cuzzupe, who was killed in action in Afghanistan.  While my opponent may be ignorant on national security, and while the News Chief may feel that only Polk County matters, I beg to differ.  PFC Cuzzupe was from Seffner in Hillsborough County which is about 16 miles west of County Line Road.  He died some 7,000 miles away from Polk County.

The citizens of this district need a representative who is “confident, forceful, opinionated and knowledgeable about the key issues of the day.”  In the News Chief’s own words, I am that candidate.

Very respectfully,

Doug Tudor

Democratic Candidate, FL-12

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