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Today is the last day of the financial reporting period for the second quarter of 2010.  As you are actively involved in politics and political campaigns, you will receive dozens of emails today from candidates requesting money.  Each of these campaigns will ask for your support in a dramatic tone, as if their fundraising bottom line is the bottom line for their campaign.

You and I know that fundraising is only one indicator of a campaign’s support.  A more reliable indicator to me is how many people are supporting a campaign.  In other words, I would prefer to receive $20.00 from 120 people, than to receive $2,400.00 from 1 person.  The total is the same, but the breadth of support is dramatically different.  From day one our campaign has relied on you, not the big money interest.  I have run to be Your Choice, Not Washington’s.

Fifty-Four is the Magic Number

As of this writing, we are 54 contributions away from having 500 contributions this quarter.  Paradoxically, there are 54 days remaining until our primary against a Conservative Blue Dog.

I would be honored to report that we received over 500 contributions this quarter.  Please consider contributing before midnight tonight.  If you have already contributed this quarter, thank you.  Please consider helping us again.  If you have not contributed this quarter, because you have been waiting to get around to it – here is your “Round TUIT.”

Round TUIT

I appreciate all you have done for our grassroots campaign.  Let’s keep pressing the fight and together we will win this election and continue to move our country forward.

Your Brother,

Doug Tudor
To contribute via ActBlue – CLICK HERE

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