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Round TUIT


Today is the last day of the financial reporting period for the second quarter of 2010.  As you are actively involved in politics and political campaigns, you will receive dozens of emails today from candidates requesting money.  Each of these campaigns will ask for your support in a dramatic tone, as if their fundraising bottom line is the bottom line for their campaign.

You and I know that fundraising is only one indicator of a campaign’s support.  A more reliable indicator to me is how many people are supporting a campaign.  In other words, I would prefer to receive $20.00 from 120 people, than to receive $2,400.00 from 1 person.  The total is the same, but the breadth of support is dramatically different.  From day one our campaign has relied on you, not the big money interest.  I have run to be Your Choice, Not Washington’s.

Fifty-Four is the Magic Number

As of this writing, we are 54 contributions away from having 500 contributions this quarter.  Paradoxically, there are 54 days remaining until our primary against a Conservative Blue Dog.

I would be honored to report that we received over 500 contributions this quarter.  Please consider contributing before midnight tonight.  If you have already contributed this quarter, thank you.  Please consider helping us again.  If you have not contributed this quarter, because you have been waiting to get around to it – here is your “Round TUIT.”

Round TUIT

I appreciate all you have done for our grassroots campaign.  Let’s keep pressing the fight and together we will win this election and continue to move our country forward.

Your Brother,

Doug Tudor
To contribute via ActBlue – CLICK HERE

Hands Across the Sands


On Saturday, TeamTudor had a great activist day.  Throughout the past two-and-a-half years of our campaign to bring true representation to Florida’s 12th Congressional District, we have always known it is the grassroots supporters and activists, not the big money interests, which eventually bring about the change our nation needs.  Saturday was no exception; indeed, it was a shining example.

I was extremely proud on Saturday to stand on St Pete Beach with hundreds of Tampa Bay residents to highlight “Hands Across The Sand.”  During our time on the beach to make this symbolic stand, one thing was very evident; the enthusiasm of activism was matched only by the outrage against the destruction of our beaches by corporate profiteers.  I have no doubt; our vision of an oil-free future will prevail.  It won’t happen tomorrow, but we will prevail.


As so many of you know, I made a career in the military.  Accordingly, I view most issues through a lens of national security.  Today I have included a Letter-to-the-Editor penned and shared with me by Colonel Dan Nolan, U.S. Army (Retired).  In 2002, Colonel Noland and I served together on the personal staff of General Tommy Franks; Commander, U.S. Central Command.

After you read this note, please consider contributing to our grassroots campaign to bring “Proven, Principled Leadership” to Washington.

Here’s the Colonel’s LTE:

Can We Break Free of Oil’s Grip?

Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, pundits and political leaders raised the alarm that dependence on oil had brought this tragedy to our shores. The editorials and speeches against foreign oil filled every newsstand and podium. Despite all the heat, no light was shed on breaking that dependence.
The fact is, even if we Americans had the discipline and willingness to make the sacrifices required to break ourselves of our billion-dollar-a-day habit, other nations would quickly fill the gap and money would continue to flow to countries and regimes that did not have a great deal of love for America.
This debate is not about foreign oil; it is about all oil. For transportation, we have no option but oil. We have talked about it for decades, but invested little in it. We do provide about $35 billion annually to oil companies in the form of subsidies and tax breaks. Oil remains the only strategic commodity for which we will fight wars. Having spent 26 years in uniform with the attendant education and experience, I feel qualified to speak to the national security implications of our energy insecurity.
Today, almost a decade after the horrendous events of that Tuesday morning, another tragedy is coming to our shores. The disaster brought about by our unquenchable thirst and BP’s ineptness are bringing waves of oil to our shores. The impact of the heartbreaking sight of sea life and beautiful beaches being destroyed should spur in all of us desire to change. In military parlance, the purpose of tactics is to make the other guy run out of options first. We are the other guy and we have run out of options.
If we are serious about reducing our national security risk and the loss of the lives of our sons and daughters, we must be willing to sacrifice. If we want to keep at home the billion dollars a day we send overseas for oil we must pay the price for alternatives. If we want to prevent the next Deepwater Horizon we must eliminate the unquenchable thirst that forces us to suck our SUV life blood out of an ocean floor a mile down. We must hold our political leadership and ourselves accountable. We all know the litany of what must be done. The question is, do Americans still have what it takes to win this Gulf War?
Dan Nolan, Valrico

Today’s Firing of General Stanley McChrystal

Today’s firing of General Stanley McChrystal was bittersweet for me. I was proud to see President Obama assert a basic tenet of our republic – civilian control of the military. I was saddened to see him recommit our country to the same failed strategy of counter-insurgency in Afghanistan. In the President’s words, “This is a change in personnel, but it is not a change in policy.”

As most of you know, I am a retired Navy Master Chief. In the final six years of my career I served on the personal staff of three Commanders, U.S. Central Command – General Tommy Franks, USA; General John Abizaid, USA; and Admiral William Fallon, USN. With these four-star officers, I deployed to Afghanistan 33 times.

Though I have travelled throughout the world, Afghanistan is without a doubt the most desolate, undeveloped country I have ever seen. As a member of our travelling team used to say as we flew from Islamabad, Pakistan to Bagram, Afghanistan, “This is the only time you can fly for two hours and go back nine centuries.”

The policy President Obama affirmed today is called counter-insurgency. Counter-insurgency is a very complicated strategy where we try to win “hearts and minds” via military action and overall nation-building. In other words, if we kill bad guys and build roads, the overall population will decide to support us.

Counter-insurgency won’t work in Afghanistan. Anyone who believes it will does not understand the lives, time, and money that must be committed. I also contend supporters of counter-insurgency do not actually support the vast investment America must make. Counter-insurgency will cost America trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, and an untold amount of international goodwill.

When elected to Congress, I will vote against any and all funding that continues the war in Afghanistan. Plain, simple, and period!

If you agree with me, please consider contributing to our grassroots campaign at “Your Choice, Not Washington’s.” Your Choice, Not Washington’s.

Your Brother, Doug

Your Choice, Not Washington’s!

Today I received a mass email from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz asking me to support my Blue Dog Conservative primary opponent. Clearly, my Blue Dog Conservative primary opponent is Washington’s choice, but she shouldn’t be yours!

You have often heard me describe our campaign for the U.S. House, as a “People-Powered” one. Today, I want to give you an actual feel for that term. During our 2010 campaign, we have received 1,170 individual contributions. Our average contribution has been around $30.00.

That’s a People-Powered Campaign!

Over the past three weekends, our volunteers have given their time to brave the Florida heat to knock on over 3,000 doors.

That’s a People-Powered Campaign!

While phone-banking, those 3,000 doors have been followed by over 500 calls.

That’s a People-Powered Campaign!

In her email, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz asked the recipients to give $72, $144, or $216. I don’t know why she chose those numbers. In the past you have received requests from me to give $12 (for Florida’s 12th District), $20.10 (for the election year), and $47 (my age).

Today, I am asking you to contribute $20.00, as FL-20 is Wasserman-Schultz’ district. If everyone receiving this request contributes $20.00, we will raise over $22,000.00 in one day.

That’s a People-Powered Campaign!

This will be the clearest way for us to make it known that the voters of Florida’s 12th District will pick our representative, not Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other Washington insiders.

Over the next several days, I am going to send you a few more notes outlining why Debbie, who is in a safe D+13 district, is supporting a Conservative. Trust me, it is not her first time she has backed candidates that are opposed to the hope and change for which we worked so hard in 2008. With your $20.00 contribution, we can send a clear message that it should be her last.

Please contribute $20.00 today at “Your Choice, Not Washington’s!”

I appreciate all you have done, are doing, and will do.

Your Brother, Doug

Hurricane Season Begins


I am sure you are aware, but I want to emphasize the 2010 Hurricane Season begins today and lasts until November 30.  The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts this year’s season will be “active to extremely active.”  For the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, NOAA projects a 70 percent probability of 14 to 23 Named Storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher).  These storms could include 8 to 14 Hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph or higher), of which 3 to 7 could be Major Hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of at least 111 mph).

For those of us who resided in Central Florida during the 2004 and 2005 seasons, we know there is only one thing better than luck and it is preparation.  Please take a few minutes in the next few days to get you and your family organized for this season.  As you know, if you wait until a storm is upon us, you will invariably not be able to get the items and make the preparations you need.

Below are a few links, which will help you prepare for any storm as well as keeping you informed about approaching weather systems.

Lastly, as you prepare your own family, please consider those in our community who may need special assistance – the elderly, the poor, and the disabled.  Publix and other retail outlets have programs allowing you to contribute to the greater community as you buy your personal supplies.

Be prepared, be aware, and be ready.  As the military taught me time and again, “Hope is not a course of action.”

Your Brother, Doug

Sometimes It Rains

Everyone who knows me knows I am passionate about family, country, politics, and baseball.  The latter is in my thoughts today.  In the modern era of Major League Baseball, only 20 pitchers have thrown perfect games – 27 batters up, 27 batters down.  Last night, Armando Galarraga should have become the 21st, but his perfect game will not make it into the history books.

In the ninth inning of the Detroit Tigers home game against the Cleveland Indians, the 27th batter hit a pitch which was fielded by the Tigers’ first baseman.  In a classic and often practiced drill, pitcher Galarraga covered first base and received the throw, clearly a step ahead of the runner.  As Galarraga prepared to celebrate his historic feat, first-base umpire Jim Joyce called the runner safe.  As the replays showed time and again, the ump got it wrong.  Without question, he got it wrong.

Fans of professional sports would not be surprised if Galarraga had lost his temper, yelling and screaming at the umpire.  He didn’t though.  Instead, he gave a “You’ve got to be kidding me” smile, and then retired the next batter to end the game.  In my opinion, Galarraga showed real class, which is often missing in professional sports and other aspects of our life.

Two more examples of class were to follow.  After the game, umpire Joyce reviewed the call, realized he had blown it, and asked to speak to Galarraga.  During the conversation, Joyce apologized, Galarraga accepted the apology, and the two professionals hugged.

Some commentators today have suggested MLB Commissioner Bud Selig should overturn Joyce’s call and award Galarraga his rightfully earned perfect game.  I hope Selig does not do it. 

In a nation beset by division, Pitcher Armando Galarraga and Umpire Jim Joyce gave America a teachable moment about humility, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Their example and lesson may very well make a greater impact on our national discourse than just another number in a record book.

 In baseball, after all, “Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you lose.  Sometimes it rains.

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