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Crunch Time


Over the past two years on the campaign trail, I’ve learned that campaigning is much like every other job. There are days when you love your job, and there are days when you become frustrated. Over the past week, I’ve experienced both feelings.

First the good news. Last Friday, a fellow supporter challenged you to match him dollar-for-dollar up to $1,500.00 so that we could lease our first billboard on I-4 in Polk County. Within 72 hours, you met and exceeded that challenge. Thirty members of TeamTudor contributed a total of $1,665.00. You absolutely, positively ROCK!

We also received a couple of frustrations this week. Our primary opponent, Lori Edwards, was listed on the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” top thirteen list. We knew this was coming, but it is still disappointing. Washington politicians and corporate lobbyists are trying to determine who will be the Democratic nominee in FL-12. Despite the hard work and the great showing YOU gave our grassroots campaign in 2008, the DCCC didn’t contact me and didn’t take my calls. They didn’t consult the Chairs of the three Democratic Executive Committees which cover Fl-12. Basically, they didn’t consult the people or the people’s representatives. They decided they knew better than YOU. We will prove them wrong in the August primary.

A second dissapointment came when the local AFL-CIO endorsed Lori. I respect my brothers and sisters in labor, but I know they made the wrong decision. Lori has aligned herself with the Blue Dogs in Congress, and those Blue Dogs do not support labor. Lori’s substandard record in the Florida House in the 1990’s also shows that she does not support labor. I understand they were under pressure from the DCCC and the national and state AFL-CIO, but I had expected them to live up to union standards – leadership from the bottom up. Regardless, I want my friends in labor to know – though you didn’t support me, I will always support you!

Here’s the beauty of YOUR grassroots campaign – we have never been controlled by outside entities, we have never been ruled by wealthy and corporate sponsors, and we have never sacrificed our principles for political gain.

Friends, We are in crunch time. I need your time, talent, and treasure. I need you to take action now – make a contribution, volunteer to talk to your neighbors, write a letter to the editor, forward this note to your email list, and get active. Do it, don’t wait, do it now!
I started this post by saying in the past week, I have experienced mixed emotions. Here’s the bottom line, though: In the past two years, I have never been more energized to prove conventional politics wrong. I have never been more ready to fight the good fight. I have never been more focused on solving the many challenges that are facing our neighbors.

Under Adam Putnam, we have had ten years of conservative non-representation. We cannot allow Washington and corporate lobbyists to force us to endure another FL-12 conservative in the U.S. House.

Thank you for all you have done, for all you are doing, and for all you will do. We are going to win this seat, and this veteran is going to “take the Hill.”

Your brother, Doug

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