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Tonight’s Election Results


Tonight, we Democrats lost the U.S. Senate seat that had been held for nearly five decades by America’s Senator, Ted Kennedy, and his brother, John F. Kennedy, before him. Shame on us.

Shame on us for not more actively highlighting the many areas where we Democrats help America’s working families. We are the party that wants to reform healthcare. We are the party that wants to provide quality education to all children. We are the party that respects the rights of all Americans — women, GLBT, and minorities. We are the party that demands the rule of law, even in the face of horrendous enemies.

We are the majority party, no matter what any single election might show. We need to exercise our majority power so that the Americans who benefit by our policies will fully understand which party is consistently waging the fight on their behalf. We need to ensure all Americans understand there is only one party, the Democrats, who are on their side.

The election of Scott Brown as the junior senator from Massachusetts will result in many Democratic philosophical quandaries. We should never, though, come to the conclusion that Progressive politics suffered a defeat. As our friend, Alan Grayson, has declared “If the only choice the people have, is between a Republican and a make-believe Republican, the voters will always pick the real deal.” We have to continue to press our Progressive agenda, as it is the only way America will move forward to truly fulfill America’s mandate as the “glimmering city on the hill.”

Thank you for all you have done and will do to make our great nation “A More Perfect Union.”

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